Energy System Design 

Decarbonize your energy system while minimizing costs   

Designing sustainable energy systems

Energy System Design enables customized energy system optimization for economically viable steps toward decarbonization. Together, we develop individual solutions to help you decarbonize and create new business and revenue opportunities. Our Energy System Design (ESD) program looks at future revenues and the site environment, and balances decarbonization targets with customer-specific economic and technical boundary conditions. It provides solutions that support the transformation to a robust, efficient, and sustainable energy system.

Decarbonization Consulting and Energy System Design

Our consulting approach – what you can expect from us:

Discovery session to understand your energy system and to discuss potential areas of collaboration

Demonstrating the business case and setting up a collaboration plan for focus topics (e.g. use of green hydrogen, promoting sector coupling, hybridization, avoiding stranded assets)

  • How much can be saved in total expenditures?
  • How can carbon dioxide emissions be reduced?
  • What synergies can be achieved by taking a holistic view of electricity, thermal energy and other commodities?
  • What is the optimal energy system design from a technology-neutral perspective?
Deep Dives:
Tool-supported development of an energy system design for selected sites
  • Make existing infrastructure future-ready, e.g. by increasing efficiency, fuel switching and hybridization
  • Deep-decarbonization of power & heat by using economic low and zero CO₂ technologies

Start transforming your energy system with us!

  • We are a global player in the field of power generation and transmission
  • We offer in-depth technological knowledge, based on fleet experience and a unique know-how from the energy component & solution business
  • We listen and think holistically about a project 
  • We address the unique needs of each customer by offering customized solutions
  • We have a strong global presence; we are where our customers are
  • We build on an excellent service, supporting an installed base of nearly 90,000 units
  • We are a one-stop-shop: We understand your needs, optimize your energy system and can implement the solution