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A stable grid is essential for successful energy systems of the future. And our plan directly addresses the necessary expansion and restructuring for transmission and distribution grids. As the global power transmission market leader, our technology portfolio is well-positioned with excellent growth prospects driven by industry-leading solutions that tackle key market trends like digitalization, decarbonization and grid stability. Learn more about our innovative technology, connected products, and smarter systems that are already shaping the grid of tomorrow, today.


“We're strongly positioned to drive disruptive ideas together with our customers and partners. The basis for our success? It's three things. Our innovations, deep curiosity and new technologies. These are the fundamental drivers that empower us to look to the future grid with confidence."

Dr. Alexander Rentschler, Head of Technology and Innovation

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Power Transmission innovation highlights

World Economic Forum

World leader in transmission technology

The latest World Economic Forum global innovations report credits two of our technology product offerings among the most significant and disruptive innovations in the energy industry within the last decade. Learn more about our HVDC PLUS/SVC PLUS solutions and our SF 6-free Blue switchgear in the full report: 'Global Innovations from the Energy Sector 2010-2020’.

Inventors of the Year 2020 | Category Outstanding Invention

Climate-friendly High Voltage Switchgear

Circuit breakers are needed to ensure that our energy supply systems run smoothly. Until now, they’ve used gases that are much more harmful to the climate than CO₂. Sylvio Kosse and Paul Gregor Nikolic at Siemens Energy are working on a way to use pure air in place of these gases. The switching functions on their prototype are CO₂-neutral.
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"Using an automobile engine as an analogy, instead of converting an internal combustion engine to a different fuel system to make it more climate friendly, we’ve completely redesigned the drive technology. We’ve developed the prototype for a CO₂-neutral circuit breaker that works and is cost-effective."

Paul Gregor Nikolic, member of a multi-location Siemens Energy research group in Erlangen and Berlin