Making real what matters for the UAE

We cannot do business without giving back to society. We look beyond the bottom line and consider how our business serves society as a whole. To learn how we can support the UAE on its ambitious journey, we focused on what matters most to the country and its citizens.



By Dietmar Siersdorfer

For the second consecutive year, Siemens prepared an annual report entitled, ‘In the UAE, for the UAE – Making real what matters,’ detailing the company’s activities and impact in the United Arab Emirates. In this report, also known as ‘Business to Society’,  we looked at the impact of our work and activities on the economic and societal development in the UAE. We also illustrated how our business goals align with the ambitions of the government and the broader society in the country.


So how did we do? Thanks to the great collaboration with customers, partners, suppliers and the wider UAE community, we’ve been able to increase our impact and improve sustainability across various sectors. Here are the main highlights.


With 90 percent of the gross value added by Siemens to the UAE economy occurring in the non-oil sector, the company is providing strong support to the country’s ongoing transition towards a diversified, knowledge economy. Today, Siemens’ technologies enable delivery of 75 percent of the UAE’s daily water supply; represent more than 40 percent of overall power generation capacity; and facilitate 50 percent of operations in its aluminum and steel sectors. In other vital industries, Siemens solutions enhance half of the country’s port logistics, 92 percent of its baggage handling and 86 percent of its air cargo operations. However, the company’s contribution goes beyond traditional industries to support key national development priorities by working with more than 800 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Meanwhile, Siemens Healthineers’ medical equipment facilitates over 600 medical decisions per hour.


Siemens directly employs 2,700 highly skilled workers and enables an additional 16,200 jobs across the UAE economy. Through training and education programs in the UAE and abroad, Siemens has supported more than 150 young Emiratis to gain new skillsets and international experience. Meanwhile, an AED 425-million software grant to five UAE universities is equipping more than 3,850 students with digital experience, using Siemens’ versatile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software. You can find the whole report here.


We believe the purpose of our company is to contribute to the well-being of society and to have a positive impact on people’s lives. Every year, we add to our contribution and continue to pursue this purpose, in partnership with government, business, universities and social organizations, always aware of our commitment to making real what matters.


As part of Siemens’ commitment to supporting innovation and building a knowledge economy, the company employs more than 20 UAE-based software developers in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These developers work closely with customers to co-create solutions that meet their challenges. Overall, Siemens’ work with customers is enabling 35 percent of the automation in the UAE’s manufacturing facilities. Siemens has also opened two new MindSphere Application Centers in the UAE to support its customers’ digital transformation and co-create solutions with them in areas of airports, cargo, logistics, oil and gas, and process industries.


In the field of sustainability, Siemens has provided energy efficient solutions that have reduced CO2 emissions in the UAE by 4.76 million metric tons during the fiscal year, while its advanced water-cooled chiller systems cut annual utility costs by more than 30 percent in the country. Sustainability begins at home for Siemens, whose regional headquarters in Masdar City averages 55 percent greater energy savings and 47 percent lower water use, compared to standard UAE office buildings. 


In 2015, the UN announced a call to action to end poverty, tackle climate change and ensure peace and prosperity by 2030. To focus global efforts around a common set of goals, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted. These goals remind us at Siemens of our role in working with society, for society. Through aligning our corporate sustainability goals with the SDGs, we are able to contribute to the global endeavor of creating a more sustainable future.


Every year, we add to our contribution to making the UAE a knowledge economy and a more sustainable environment for generations to come. In a country that has placed the happiness of its citizens and residents at the core of its strategy, we are proud to be part of this society’s fabric and look forward to more meaningful contributions towards a happier and brighter future. We call it ‘making real what matters’.



This article was originially published on LinkedIn by Dietmar Siersdorfer, CEO of Siemens Middle East.

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