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Solutions for every Vessel

With more than a century of experience, Siemens Energy Marine Solutions form the anchor of the strong positions held in the maritime industry.

This sector is facing more complex challenges than ever, in particular significantly cutting down greenhouse gas emissions. As a solution provider, Siemens Energy provides answers by delivering advanced electrical equipment, systems, solutions, and services for all types of commercial vessels, naval vessels and submarines. Along with solutions for power, drive, energy management, automation, and digital solutions, Siemens Energy is a reliable partner for owners and operators and shipyards. Powering the maritime industry forward also means setting new courses of innovation. Wherever your ships sail, Siemens Energy is always nearby with a global network of subsidiaries, providing service and after sales support.

Cargo Vessels

Cost-efficiency and environmental sustainability are crucial points of concern for the container ships that sail the world’s oceans, keeping global commerce afloat. Behind the scenes, we help ensure safe, timely cargo deliveries that your customers can depend upon like clockwork. 

Naval Surface Vessels

Top-tier reliability of equipment and functionality of systems are both mission-critical on the open sea. Our advanced solutions match the extreme precision of naval technical systems while also maximizing crew safety and efficiency while providing environmental sustainability.  

Special Vessels

Specialized vessels require innovative solutions that can withstand often unusual and extremely demanding specifications, but we can tailor our technologies to vessels like windfarm installation vessels, research vessels, icebreakers and many others. This way, no matter the stipulation, you’re covered while meeting up-to-date environmental regulations.


With eco-friendly energy solutions for ferries and passenger vessels, cost-effectively cutting CO₂ thanks to emission-free-operation is now a reality. When you partner with us, your fleet can easily remain compliant with the strict environmental demands of this maritime sector.  

Super Yachts

With precision engineering, our custom marine solutions offer superyacht designers, builders, and owners the efficient, optimized performance they’ve come to expect, plus the reliability and sustainability they need, all without sacrificing aesthetics or functionality. Be one step ahead regarding environmentally friendly solutions with Siemens Energy.


With unique and often meticulous requirements, submarines are in a class of their own. Our technically advanced and innovative solutions mean that you can meet those tough requirements, enable silent, safe and more efficient underwater operations.


Our advanced marine solutions enable the world’s cruise lines to offer guests the highest levels of comfort and safety, plus maximum efficiency and reliability, wherever they set sail. Our solutions are helping to improve the CO₂ footprint of each vessel.


Scalable and expandable DC Solutions 

With decades of experience, we are a trustworthy partner for your vessels to become more profitable and environmentally friendly by lowering fuel and maintenance costs, thereby lessening emissions while ensuring reliability and redundancy for maximum safety. Built on the first centralized DC power and propulsion system of its kind, we have the perfect customized solution from up to 1 MW, BlueDrive Eco, up to 4,5 MW, BlueDrive PlusC.    

Digital Marine Solutions and Services

We understand shipowners’ or operators’ increasingly complex challenges. With our SISHIP EcoMAIN suite, you can bring all your data together using one unified platform to make better operational decisions, save costs, and meet your sustainability targets. You may also benefit from our Digital Support, Digital Trainings, and Digital Twin solutions.  

More information about other technologies coming soon

The E-ferry Bastø Fosen Project

Bastø Electric, the world’s largest all-electric ferry, uses our charging solutions with fast-charging, large battery packs, delivered with control and charging systems. These enables the entire Bastø Fosen ferry fleet to cut annual diesel consumption by six million liters and CO2 emissions by 75%.  

Marine Portfolio

Siemens Energy Marine Solutions cover a wide span of power, drive , energy management, automation , and digital requirements for all vessel types. To help owners and operators meet ever-changing market and economic challenges, our solutions must be effective, efficient, and reliable, no matter what market and maritime conditions are. 

This core belief drives us to continuously find and develop innovations to keep your business afloat, prospering and competing successfully and sustainably for decades to come.

Marine Services

Today’s ship owners and operators face multiple challenges in managing their vessels safely, and reliably – under ever demanding regulations – as efficiently as possible. After all, only competitive and reliably operative vessels generate revenue. Our SISHIP Life Cycle Management modules and services help to optimize long-term operability – supporting retrofit and upgrade options, as well as crew safety. 

With leading digitalization technologies, including real-time onboard support, our service portfolio allows to contract an adaptive, comprehensive worldwide competence projection in a smart way. This kind of dependability and scalability allows to keep the value of your fleet and equipment high, no matter where in the world your work takes you. 

Maritime Academy

No matter what level of knowledge you’re currently at, Siemens Energy Maritime Academy is the premier institute to grow your understanding of maritime operations. Here you and your team will learn how to keep your vessel and entire fleet operating at its best: reliably and safely under all conditions. We’ll also teach you how to get (and stay) compliant with some of the most demanding environmental regulations anywhere.

Our experts and educators cover a variety of areas including modernizations, upgrades and new-builds, automation and monitoring, innovative electric drives, energy solutions and digital services. In addition, we offer turnkey services and ongoing support where needed.  We help you ensure optimal operability and reliability in your vessel or fleet, so you can maximize the success of your maritime business and the crew who run it. Discover newer, safer ways of working, and gain valuable insights that you can put to use every day. Wherever your level of experience is, you’re welcome at the Maritime Academy. 


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