Siemens Energy and Oman Hydrogen Centre collaborate to develop the Sultanate’s green hydrogen industry 

Siemens Energy Oman has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Oman Hydrogen Centre (OHC) to collaborate on identifying potential green hydrogen markets in local industries and to jointly develop technical solutions.


The OHC is located at German University of Technology (GUtech) and provides an international hub for research, technology, education, industries applications and economy. Under the collaboration, OGC will contribute to identifying local applications to green hydrogen, providing technical expertise in relation to developing green hydrogen solutions and offering support in gaining access to relative local industries.


Siemens Energy, as a world leading energy technology company and a leader in the green hydrogen industry, will contribute to providing technical expertise in relation to developing green hydrogen solutions and provide funding for certain projects. 

As well as supporting the commercial development of green hydrogen in Oman, the Siemens Energy and OHC will work together to support the next generation of Omani engineers, and will work to establish a green hydrogen knowledge platform, that will provide training, courses, and access to educational resources to students in Oman. 


“Green hydrogen has the potential to become a core part of the future clean economy in Oman and play an important role to unlock a more sustainable and decarbonized future for all. As we work to advance the development of this new industry it will be the strong, dedicated partnerships like ours that will ensure success,” said Khalid Bin Hadi, Managing Director, Siemens Energy Oman. 


Dr Hussain Bin Sulaiman AL Salmi CEO of Oman Educational Services and the Acting Rector of GUtech said, “The Oman Hydrogen Centre is focused on Oman specific topics of the hydrogen-based energy transition and is developing a roadmap for related research and development work to support recommendations for an implementation roadmap for Oman. The Centre contributes with its research activities in close cooperation with academic and industrial partners.


"The strength of OHC is not limited merely to its local resources, we are proud of our strong linkage with our partners in Germany such as RWTH Aachen University or the German industry partners, as well as other international partners such as the Japanese academic institutions like Nagoya university. I would call today's event another milestone for OHC, to have this strategic partnership with Siemens Energy LLC Oman that we are proud to be joining hands with. They are globally active and bring great value to our collaboration.”


Hydrogen is clean, light, storable, has a high energy content, and can be produced and stored at industrial scale. It can also be stored for long periods of time with minor losses, making it a storage medium for renewable energy. Green hydrogen provides the potential to decarbonize major parts of whole industries, so it is the missing piece of the puzzle from the whole energy transition. Just switching electricity generation from fossil fuels to solar, wind and hydro will not help us decarbonize our whole energy system.

The Sultanate’s Green Hydrogen Industry

Siemens Energy and Oman Hydrogen Centre collaborate to develop the Sultanate’s green hydrogen industry